Q&A with Jeff Ostenso

“I love printing. We should be proud to be in this industry. Printing has taken a lot of hits, but it has unbelievable opportunities for success. As technology evolves, even more opportunities present themselves; you just have to be open to recognizing those possibilities and have confidence in your instincts and your team.”

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Three’s a Charm!


In the middle of a rebrand and on the cusp of christening a brand new facility, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been ranked #1 on QP’s 2014 list of the Top 100 printers in North America for the third year in a row.

“We appreciate the recognition. We’re a hardworking company and that’s allowed us to continue to grow. We’re excited about where we’re headed with our rebrand, new facility and additional equipment. It means expanded services for our customers and we’re eager to embrace those opportunities in 2014.” Matt Marzullo, SVP of Sales and Marketing

Ironmark’s First Annual Summer Shindig

Ironmark employees got a sneak peak of their new facility this past Sunday, June 1st. Under the clear blue sky, surrounded by tents and a smoking barbecue, employees gathered with their families to celebrate the rebrand, the new facility and the bright future of their growing company.

“What a fun company event! Great food, great folks, fun games for all – and a chance to get a sneak peak at our new “home”! – Debbie Rider, Account Coordinator.

The little ones enjoyed a moonbounce, velcro wall and other games, including a piñata and raffle. Others took part in what turned into an intense cornhole tournament ending in a close game between the teams of Mark Acton/Steve Schwartz and Rob Johnson (Chrissy Johnson’s husband)/Justin Rider. The trophies and the prize went to Rob and Justin.

Both owners, Scott Hargest and Jeff Ostenso were on hand to give personal tours and show employees their new work spaces.

“It was great to see everyone this weekend. It’s wonderful to share the excitement with our team. Our growth is directly related to all the hard work our employees put in each day. It was nice to meet everyone’s extended family and spend the day eating great food and enjoying the superior weather.” –Jeff Ostenso, Owner.

Here are a few pics from the day’s events!


Find Your Brand’s Story

There’s a lot of talk about how technology is creating more distance between us. Our eyes are on our phones and our ears are plugged with earbuds. It’s true that we are so inundated with information that it’s definitely tough to fish through it all to find what’s important to us. In business, this means that it’s not enough that your product is good, that it looks good, tastes good or even does goes. Now, it’s even more important that your customers feel connected to your brand on a personal level. Today’s technologies offer unique opportunities for you to share your brand story.

Brand stories aren’t new. The classic 1984 AT&T “Reach Out and Touch Someone” campaign is a great example of connecting your customers to fundamental human qualities as well as the essense of your brand. For AT&T, connecting family, friends and loved ones was their story in 1984. Apple is another company that speaks of their core values of creativity, technological advancement and overall, an embracing of a full life in their “Life on Ipad” video.

These are big examples. We don’t all have the resources to develop these types of powerhouse campaigns with commercials and videos, but we can develop a strong identity with our branding and marketing materials and reinforce those with our social media. There has never been a time when the lines of communication between brands and customers has been so open. We can reinforce our own brand story. I’m convinced that every business has a story to tell. Find yours.

Our New Headquarters Opens Summer 2014

Not only will you know us by a new name, but we will be opening a new, state-of-the-art facility in Columbia, MD this summer! This new location brings all of our talent under one roof and is designed for increased productivity, workflow efficiency, and a truly unique experience for visiting customers and vendors.

Working with a fresh, new space allowed us to customize the 50,000 sq. ft. in the best way possible to streamline our workflow and prepare for growth in all areas of the company. Our need was a highly functional workspace, but we also desired a culture and environment that was exciting for our visitors. This led us to the architecture and design firm, Creative Access. They ensured that our vision of this “client walking tour” was translated successfully.

“A client can come through, take a plant tour, be able to meet the designers that are doing their project for them, then go back into the press room and actually see the job being printed. We’ll even have a customer lounge for clients to be able to sit and work or relax for press proofs…the building is definitely customer-centric.” says Scott Hargest, President.


The new location is right in the heart of our client base, serving the Baltimore/Washington/Northern Virginia markets and, while we are committed to continue our community involvement in both Hunt Valley and Annapolis, we are also excited to become a part of the growth in Howard County.

“Gumpert has been in Annapolis for over 50 years…of course, we will continue service to both the Annapolis and Hunt Valley areas. What this new location is going to bring is even more services and even better collaboration– from start to finish–with all of our customer’s products. We’re excited about its possibilities,” says Jeff Ostenso, CEO.

WATCH THE VIDEO to learn more about the new facility from our owners.