How to Get the Best Exposure on FB News Feeds

In an attempt to stay in touch regularly on Facebook, it’s easy for social media marketers to forget that your Facebook posts should always be compelling. Now, Facebook has made it clear, through its many algorithm changes, that they and their viewers favor engaging creative with very little text, especially video and other more interactive posts.

Here are three ways get the best exposure for your brand on a Facebook News Feed:
1. Embrace News Feed Algorithm Changes.
2. Learn Facebook’s Custom Audiences Service.
3.Combine Custom Audience Targeting with Lookalike Audiences.

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7 Ways to Inspire Your Employees

As the month of February approaches, business is back into the groove. There are no more excuses for vacation lag from the holidays. Sales are picking up again, but are your employees staying motivated? Employees who are satisfied with their company are bound to be more productive, motivated and stay with the company longer.

Printing Industries of America shared the following information on how to keep your employees inspired.

  1. Invest in training programs to improve your employees’ skills.
  2. Promote from within, which will give your employees motivation to stay with the company.
  3. Recognize your employees’ achievements, no matter how small, from every department.
  4. Create an idea that will generate revenue and decrease costs.
  5. Recognize milestones or exceptional employees with incentives.
  6. Engage the company in community service activities to boost morale.
  7. Make time for fun and organize company outings around non work-related activities.

By putting your employees first, the company benefits will follow.


Using Social Media to “Flip the Funnel”

In the book “Flipping the Funnel,” author Seth Godin offers a unique approach to sales and marketing. He pushes companies to utilize their customers as members of their sales force. How? Using social media.

The goal of “flip the funnel” is to encourage your customers to share and advocate their experiences with your brand. Below are some tips on how to accomplish this.

  • Use social tools such as “Ask a question” to find out where your audience comes from. That way you know where you should be investing your money.
  • Add social plugins to your blog for easy customer sharing.
  • Encourage social sharing by hosting marketing events. Make sure to have relevant hashtags and Twitter handles.
  • Create visuals for your customers to share, via videos or photos.

By encouraging your customers to be brand advocates, they become another mechanism for social sharing. When they can actively share your brand, it reaches a broader audience.

3 Rules of Sales Execution

According to the Sales and Marketing Management website, sales people are struggling. The facts they shared about sales people show that there may be a disconnect in sales execution.

  • 60%1 of the buyer’s purchase decision is complete before sales teams interactive with a prospect
  • 58%1 of pipeline ends up in “no decision “or stalled
  • 59%2 of sales rep time is spent not selling
  • 50%3 of reps are failing to make quota

Here are three rules Sales and Marketing Management (SMM) offer to help amp up the sales team.

  1. Collateral is not as important as you think.
    Many marketing departments spend countless hours creating collateral and setting up digital storefronts to reel in their clients. They focus more on these products, which are hard to measure if the client even uses it. Instead, re-align your conversations to target measureable goals that your team can achieve for the client. SMM says that 90% of sales teams ignore collateral.
  2. Understand your buyers.
    A buyer will take the offer from a company who not just understands their business, but who will offer techniques to improve the challenges they are facing. Sales and marketing teams should work together so that the product that is getting sold is positioned the same way as it is being marketed.
  3. Focus on what has worked in the past.
    Sales teams are constantly undergoing new training, but sometimes that isn’t the answer. Typically sales people will revert back to their old habits. Find a method that works from the start and stick to it. Start with an approach that led you to a winning sale.

Content Marketing that your Clients can Trust

Content Marketing [definition according to]: a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

How do you attract customers and build an audience that comes back for more? You develop trust. This goes beyond sales techniques. Customers are already crowded by advertisements, blogs and social media statuses so your company has to break through the noise and provide them with tangible information. These five tips will keep your content marketing on track.

  1. Know the goals of your content marketing strategy. Are you targeting the right audience? Are you giving them the information they need?
  2. Choose the correct location, frequency and placement for your marketing. Make sure the places they seek out information (via e-mail, print or online) is where your content is appearing.
  3. Share, promote and engage both your content and theirs. Ask and you will receive. That means don’t just promote your posts, but engage in your customers.
  4. Easy does it. Your content should be easy to access. Have multiple bookmarks and links back to your website. Your social media pages should be tied to each other and easy to navigate from your website.
  5. Monitor your analytics. What is working and what isn’t? Is your site optimized?

It will take time to build trust with your customers. First, however, your content marketing has to be in line with your company goals. The rest will follow.